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Big, small, teens, twins and toddlers... I adore getting to know you and your tribe in whatever shape and size that means for you! Grab the dog, bring the grandparents or keep it simple with you and your soulmate. We will dance and play through your session and I will direct every move from fingers and toes to gaze and posture. Take the guesswork out and have fun making memories with your fam!


Every family whether old school or blended has it's own roots and a story to go with it. What's yours? 


Are you a chic city couple? Do you escape to the backwoods of Maine whenever you get a chance? Is the ocean your favorite place? Lets incorporate what means the most to you whether its old family tradition or new.  I'm here to bounce any wardrobe ideas off of, and provide lots of backdrop options for your perfect family photos. Need some ideas? I've got you covered!

As always during any family session, I will capture just the parents loving on each other, just the kids doing what they do best, and any breakdowns of your one-of-a-kind family just the way you want it!

60 minute family sessions starting at $575.

(Gallery always included.)

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