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Congrats Mama! Your little one is on its way and you've chosen to capture this beautiful process. I'm here to pose and guide you the whole way so that you can relax and daydream about what it will be like to hold them and kiss their tiny head for the first time. We can escape to the beach, dance through a dreamy field, snuggle up in the flowers or play in the snow. No matter what time of year your sweet babe is arriving, you will have beautiful memories of this feminine journey!


Your officially on your way to being a Mama whether it's for the first time or the fifth. Every woman's journey is unique and beautiful, so your maternity session should be too. Lets make it yours.


We will plan a session around your due date, of course! I'm sure the rest of your year is too, so this is no surprise! Typically we will schedule between 32-35 weeks, so your bump is rockin' and you're still feeling good. I have a small, varying client closet that is included with every session, so if you're saving your funds for that custom nursery rocker or the overpriced floor lamp you can't live without, put the debit card away and choose from my pieces!

60 Minute Maternity Sessions starting at $525 (Gallery always included.)

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